Sales apprenticeships

Effortlessly convert clients with our Sales programme

Already work in a sales role, but want to do your role even better? Or are you looking to get into sales from your current career path? This apprenticeship programme can help you learn all the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to win new business and deliver real value back into your organisation.

With an apprenticeship programme, you learn whilst you continue working, meaning you can put your skills into practice and see the benefits from day one.

What you need to succeed in the Sales sector

Here are just some of the characteristics that will help you to succeed in your chosen sector:

  • Customer service and ‘people’ skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Commercial acumen
  • Passion for understanding your customers
  • Ability to establish rapport and trust with your customers

Who do you want to be?

Each of our apprenticeships have clear progression pathways. At the end of the apprenticeship you will be an expert in their organisation’s product/service, analysing customer needs and creating solutions enabling you to take on more responsibility, strive for high targets or move into a management role.

Check out the programmes available below for more information on the pathways that are right for you.

Apprenticeships in this sector

  • Level 4 apprenticeship

    Winning new business is at the heart of every organisation and is a crucial connection to understanding the customer while delivering a dynamic experience.

    The world of sales attracts millions of competitive, solution focused and target driven individuals every year, and if you’re looking to hone your skills and maximise your ability to reach your goals, this Sales Executive apprenticeship is the perfect way to learn whilst you contine to sell.

    Sales Executive apprenticeship Standard Level 4
    15 months The Association of Professional Sales (APS)

Sophie Fox

The apprenticeship has helped me stand out in the company. If anyone is considering an apprenticeship, I’d say to go for it.


Do I have to find a job first?

If you’re not currently employed or looking for a new job, you can apply for apprenticeship vacancies advertised by employers looking to employ an apprentice, as you must be employed to undertake an apprenticeship.

You can view current vacancies here: apprenticeship vacancies

If you already have a job and wish to gain a qualification in that industry as an apprentice, this is possible subject to your employer’s agreement.

Will it cost me anything?

No. Your employer pays your wage and we apply for government funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency to support the cost of your qualification.
Currently 100% funding is available for apprentices ages 16 – 18 and 90% for those aged 19 + (subject to the employers levy status).

You or your employer can call us to discuss any questions you have regarding funding on 0800 783 2545.

Can I undertake an Apprenticeship with my current employer?

Yes. If you already have a job and wish to gain a nationally recognised qualification in that role, an apprenticeship is a great way to do it. A great way to start is to visit our employing an apprentice page ready to discuss with your employer or give us a call on 0800 783 2545

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