Make your mark and innovate

Make your mark and innovate

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Knowing how you can create a positive, innovative and interactive learning environment within your workplace is key to the success of your business and happiness of your teams.

In a report by Robert-Half on “Employee happiness”, it was noted that the strongest drivers of workplace happiness are:

  • Employees having a sense of empowerment
  • Allowing employees to make decisions on their own, or with minimal direction from you
  • Having a sense of pride, accomplishment and fairness in their roles

Everybody learns and works in different ways, and of course, this is impacted by significant developments in technology. Thanks to mobile devices, learners expect to be able to connect with presentations remotely. They want to interact more with content, ask questions, share feedback and record notes for themselves.

So how do you strike the balance of giving your team their autonomy and independence, whilst providing the right level of support to those who are learning?

Through technology designed specifically to assist you and your employee through the learning journey.

Our innovative Learner Management System

Thanks to our Partners at Bud Systems we are able to meet employer and employee requirements. Bud seamlessly combines application management, programme creation, learning delivery, workforce and learner reporting, funding management and more for you as an employer.

The programme provides an intuitive app-based platform to guide learners on their journey, wherever they are located. Our learners will be given automated notifications and reminders, (such as self-study tasks allocated by their tutor) from their personal dashboard. Both you and your employee will be able to see their progress and any outstanding activities yet to be completed, as well as uploading work which has been completed for review or signoff. Having open lines of communication will ensure that any issues you or your learners may come across can be dealt with quickly and without impacting their learning journey.

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