Make your Mark and Inspire

Make your Mark and Inspire

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Make your mark and develop an accidental manager

Within just about every profession you will find some very good, and some very average managers. The best managers encourage, support and advise their staff, whilst average managers provide little such support, often because of their lack of manager training.

Those people often have the responsibilities of a manager thrust upon them as reward for their career success. However, without the right training or support go on to be less than successful managers feeling unprepared for their new role, and impacting directly on the productivity of their teams.

Effective management can be taught, however, a report highlighted that only 39% of new managers received some sort of formal training leaving 61% with none at all, this means that as a result 51% reported the felt unprepared for their first management role.*

So what can you do improve your manager’s important soft skills?

  • Make training more widely available.
  • Look at specific areas of training like written and verbal communication and teamwork skills.
  • Use a writing or public speaking course essential for each manager to boost their overall communication skills.
  • Encourage further reading on key areas they need to develop in.
  • Lead the way by sharing e-books or internet articles you find useful, and allocate time for them to access this information while at work.
  • Schedule regular catch ups to understand what they have learnt from this, and how they can put this into practice.
  • Provide mentors to those starting in a role with no previous experience.
  • Assign new managers with other managers they admire to learn more about how they lead.

How management and leadership Apprenticeships can help solve this issue!

Apprenticeships in Leaderships and Management enable businesses to use their levy funds (or pay just 5% of the course cost for SMEs) to introduce training which is fully accredited by the ILM (institute of leadership and management) into their business without affecting their bottom line.

Management apprenticeships offer opportunities for structured, professional learning, leading to recognised qualifications. The best management apprenticeship programmes offer rich, blended learning experiences, combining formal learning with coaching and ‘on-the-job’ training and experience, which helps embed learning into your organisation.

Paragon Skills has been running Leadership and Management training programme for a number of years for large UK businesses. If you would like to benefit from this training to fully-train your leaders and managers and increase retention, attraction and productivity, get in touch with us today. Call 0800 783 2545 or email

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