Make your mark and upskill

Make your mark and upskill

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Today is National Games Day, and as much as we all love playing games, whether they be electronic or on a board… what could you be doing to spend that time more effectively?

The average gamer spends around two hours per day on their console, which also happens to be the average length of a feature film. In those two hours, what skills could you start to develop?

For example, transferrable skills are something that are needed in all lines of work that can be learnt and strengthened by yourself.

These skills include:

Organisation and Planning

Prioritisation of tasks and time management are key tactics of every job you will do. If you’re looking to practice at home, try to make organisation something you do in your day to day life. This can be with done with some simple tasks such as spending some time cleaning your room then continuing to upkeep it. These habits at home will soon transfer into your work life and become natural!


Being able to recognise your areas of weakness is almost as important as developing and using your strengths. Take time at home to write a list of aspects of your job role you feel you could improve in, then when you go into work ask for training in those areas. Or you can take it upon yourself to train yourself using an online course or research at home… yet another practical to spend your time!

Motivation and Enthusiasm

You might be wondering how you can spend time learning how to be motivated. Well, have a think about what motivates you to put in 100% effort and be enthusiastic in your job role. For example, it could be music, so make a playlist at home ready for the coming week and smash your workload!

Technology Literacy

Technology literacy is your comfort with and ability to navigate new technology. Nearly every position in every industry will require the use of technology at some level. In an increasingly technological workplace, employers value candidates who can learn new tools and software quickly to complete tasks, so any extra time you can put into exploring and learning about technology at home would be greatly appreciated in the workplace!

We’re not saying to cut off the gaming completely… but on the odd occasion why not set aside some time to broaden and improve your skillset and make your life at work that little bit easier!

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