Make your mark on your team

Make your mark on your team

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As an Apprentice, you have a fantastic opportunity as a part of your training to make a real difference to your new team and the wider business. You enter with a fresh pair of eyes, infused with a new passion for the career of your choice and unbiased to current processes offering up ideas on changes when and where you see them.

Fresh Thinking

As a new team member, you will join your business with fresh eyes and will pick out issues and resolutions that might have eluded the rest of your team. Never be afraid to bring your ideas to the table, even if they’re not perfect, the rest of your team will greatly appreciate a new brain with new thoughts!

Improved Productivity

More than three-quarters (76%) of employers who employ Apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive, according to data compiled by the National Apprenticeship Service. A typical Apprentice delivers productivity gains of over £10,000 annually. Even by you just being there, you have a positive impact on the company, the team, and everyone around you!

Boosting Company Reputation

Brand image is essential, especially if the business is customer facing, it can make the difference between a customer picking to use your supply or going to one of your competitors.

From a reputational point of view, being seen to take on local talent and help boost youth employment in the area can help to raise the profile of a business, while also contributing in a tangible way to the local economy.

Skilled Future Worker

Being an Apprentice helps you develop and learn new skills, which will benefit the company in the long term. An Apprenticeship will also ensure that the skills developed are matched to the company’s future needs. This will help fill any skills gaps and allow the business to source managers and leaders from within, which could potentially be your future!

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