National Apprenticeship Week 2021

This year National Apprenticeship Week will take place from 8 to 14 February 2021.

Build the future is the theme for NAW2021, aiming to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships help individuals to build the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career.

Celebrating apprentice success is an essential element to factor into apprenticeship strategies developed by providers and employers. This might be recognition of an apprenticeship completion

What is National Apprenticeship Week?

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is a five-day celebration of apprenticeships in the UK. It’s organised by the National Apprenticeship Service, and this will be its 14th year.

NAW brings together all characters from within the apprenticeship community – employers, training providers, apprentices and young people who are thinking of taking the apprenticeship path.

Last year there were over 500 events over the course of NAW. For NAW 2021, there will be a shift to a more digital format.

Celebrating apprentice success

Good news stories and case studies

Producing a good news story about your apprentices’ success is a tried-and-tested method for commemorating the achievement. The article can be posted to your website and shared via social media. It can also be shared in internal company newsletters and with partner organisations who run platforms for promoting apprenticeships and apprentice achievements. Of course, Paragon Skills is one such platform. Don’t forget to send us through any apprentice success stories, and we will share in our newsletter and on our website.

Congratulations cards

A simple but effective idea for celebrating your apprentices’ success is to send them a personalised card when they complete their programme or simply to say thank you. These can be printed in advance and addressed personally to the apprentice. Why not include details of their progression options in the card?

Digital hall of success

Why not dedicate a gallery page on your website to post images of your apprentices with statements about their achievements? Each image or the full page can be shared via social media and promoted internally amongst employers staff, so apprentices feel a sense of pride in their achievements.

Apprenticeship graduation events

Organise an event remotely to celebrate all of your apprentices, allowing them to share their apprenticeship success stories, and invite other non-apprentice colleagues to show them how they could grow with an apprenticeship.

Other ways to get involved in NAW 2021

Managing social media is a challenge at the best of times, throw a global pandemic into the mix and you may already feel stretched to capacity. If that is the case we can get your learners, organisation and stories out there for you whilst making sure that you get full visibility. Or you could use one of our pre-built posts to shout about apprenticeships.

Shout about your organisation

We know that apprenticeships breed success and we want to share that success. As an employer what do you think of apprenticeship? How have they helped your organisation? A simple quote from yourself takes a few minutes to fill in.

Shout about your learners

Our Personal Tutors will be talking directly to learners to get as many of them onto our social media as possible. Visibility is key as apprentices add value not only to your business, but also the perception of your business. 81% of consumers favour using a company that takes on apprentices so if you have any success stories that you would like us to champion, send them our way.

Make a pledge

Making a pledge shows your commitment to apprentices, giving them clear progression opportunities and the chance to increase skills. It can be as simple as that or you can take your pledge further by talking about your plans for taking on more apprentices in the future. If you want to talk about how we can support, this email us at

Make it visable

Making sure your using all the official hash tags on all you social post, to ensure they get the most reach possiable.

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