eQuoo Partnership Set to Improve Paragon Skills Learners Mental and Emotional Health

eQuoo mental health app partnership launch to support Paragon learners

eQuoo Partnership Set to Improve Paragon Skills Learners Mental and Emotional Health

eQuoo logoWe are thrilled to announce the launch of a new partnership with eQuoo; a new adventure game-based app that increases your mental and emotional health through the teaching of psychological skills, clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression in its users. Through gamification, the app builds resilience, reduces anxiety, improves interpersonal relationship skills, and promotes personal growth.

eQuoo is using a choose-your-own-adventure game style to keep their players engaged as they work through the skills to build their resilience and coping mechanisms to aid in personal growth and emotional and mental health.  The player is tasked to help the ‘Lodestars’ on a mission to improve their emotional and psychological health to ‘keep the light of the world alive’, traveling through time collecting gems needed to destroy ‘The Quavering’; a monster built of negativity, fear, and pessimism which drowns out peoples inner light. Your mission as the player is to travel through time, learning and gaining the psychological skills needed to keep your own inner light bright against the darkness.

The magical world, written by award-winning DC and Marvel writer Arie Kaplan takes you on an adventure through a fantasy world, while teaching you the skills needed to improve your emotional health; specifically, skills based on scientific studies and clinical trials proving the positive effects of eQuoo on a person’s emotional wellbeing, resilience, and mental health.

Studies show that young adults aged 18-28 are the most vulnerable to mental health issues, with less than 35% having access to psychological care or therapy. eQuoo aims to improve this number by teaching the same skills by simply opening an app on your phone, enabling users to help themselves in a convenient time to them and anonymous setting, thereby empowering individuals and reducing stigma

Taking these psychological teachings and building them into a game is scientifically proven to be a valid strategy to motivate patients to follow preventative measures against mental health issues. Much of the young talent that is entering the workforce every day is lacking the mental and emotional skills they need to perform at their best. This negatively impacts their daily engagement with their work, presence at the office, and ultimately, their value to their employer.

The emotional and mental health of our employees, apprentices, and loved ones are of great importance to their personal growth and wellbeing; our experience of working and safeguarding our Apprentices over the years tells us that their mental health and wellbeing continues to be a focus, therefore, Paragon Skills are excited to partner with eQuoo to ensure the improvement of the emotional health of those around us.

Initially, we are targeting this at our learners that are identified as benefiting from such an experience with the plan that this will be provided to all learners aged 16-34 from August. eQuoo is currently available to download on Android and iOS play stores, as well as the NHS app store on a free trial. To find out more visit the Equoo website – https://www.equoogame.com/ or download the free trial now from the app store.

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