Nottingham City Council gift unspent levy to Employer of the Month

Nottingham City Council gift unspent levy to Employer of the Month

Working in partnership with leading apprenticeship provider, Paragon Skills, Nottingham City Council has gifted approximately £60,000 in unspent levy funding to support apprenticeship training to Abbey Green Therapeutic Children’s Services. Redistributing unspent levy funding by investing in a local childcare business, covering their training costs, supporting growth, and boosting the local economy in the region demonstrates the local council’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and determination to give back to their local community, supporting those businesses who are most needed locally, and have been hit the hardest by the pandemic.

The City Council is financing apprenticeship training for Abbey Green Therapeutic Children’s Services to upskill workers and hire new apprentices, who may not otherwise be able to afford training. This investment will help to raise the visibility and profile of much-needed apprenticeship training in the childcare sector for the area, as well as provide opportunities and support to these apprentices and the Abbey Green to upskill their workforce and develop much-needed skills.

The funding has been provided out of the Council’s Apprenticeship Levy Pot, and has been gifted to Abbey Green to improve their business through apprenticeships; Abbey Green has already taken on over 20 apprentices over recent years and intends to continue. The home has a focus on providing a therapeutically planned environment to children aged 8-17; tailoring a package of care and therapy and is passionate about providing a welcoming and nurturing environment where children are at the heart of all they do; encouraging young people to feel a sense of belonging in their home. The home strives for their homes to feel like a safe and secure place for children to live, to feel a sense of renewed safety and emotional well-being and develop relationships with the support of their Carers. Their Model of Care/Treatment is based on the premise that the emotional development of children and young people is dependent upon and highly influenced by the nature of the carer-child relationship. Abbey Green believes that relationships and shared responsibility are central to all organisations, with the overall social environment being essential to the effectiveness of service; embracing a reflective and nurturing space, and giving children the chance to think about their actions and learn from them effectively.

Abbey Green is in partnership with Paragon Skills, providing high-quality training, and addressing personal development and gaps in the workforce. Recently, Abbey Green has been awarded Employer of the Month by Paragon Skills in March for their dedication to working with Paragon Skills and their apprentices to build the future of childcare workers.

On winning Paragon Skills’ Employer of the Month, Karoline Stanway from Abbey Green had this to say:

“We are extremely honoured to receive this reward from Paragon Skills. It has genuinely given our team a boost to see that they have been noticed for how wonderful they are. Richard and his team have been amazing, they have supported us smoothly through the apprenticeship process, and we now have all Carers enrolled on their apprenticeship journey, giving them the necessary skills to support our children to flourish. I feel we should also mention Antony Richards from Nottingham City Council, the encouragement and knowledge we received from Antony has opened up our eyes to the resources we can access through Paragon and Nottingham City Council, to move our company forward and support our Carers on their Career path with us. With their support, we are confident that we can maintain the level of skills and training needed to retain our highly skilled workforce and in turn help our business thrive.”

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