Our guide to includED


This guide applies to all colleagues, including senior managers and the Board, paid colleagues, volunteers and part-time workers, agency colleagues, contractors, learners or anyone working on behalf of Paragon Skills. It outlines our policies on the four includED areas and outlines the responsibilities that we all have to promote the welfare of our learners and each other. It describes what Paragon Skills will do to ensure that learners in our care are kept safe, receive an appropriate and relevant social education and how we will respond to concerns or risks of harm.

All those that act on behalf of Paragon Skills are expected to enact the principles contained within this guide.


Our partner organisations will be provided with a copy of this guide to enable them to understand how Paragon Skills approaches equality and inclusion, safeguarding, prevent and E-safety with its learners.

It is expected that our partners are committed to our includED ethos and achieve the standards outlined within this guide when engaging with learners.

Partners will be supported through the provision of timely includED advice and guidance and access to training and continuing professional development, where relevant.

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