Paragon Skills first work experience candidate incredible success

Paragon Skills first work experience candidate incredible success

We recently opened our doors to work experience placements at our Head Office on the South Coast and our first candidate proved to be an incredible success.

Saathvik Kondreddy came to Paragon Skills looking to experience a true taster of the world of work by working with a variety of departments. To say he got stuck in would be an understatement, Saathvik showed commitment and dedication from day 1 and provided support in all areas with a high level of energy whether he was packing boxes or writing blogs.

Hear what Saathvik had to say below;

“My aim in doing work experience at Paragon Skills was to see if working in an office environment would be a suitable option for me in the future. Before beginning my 2-week placement at Paragon Skills I had been given the flexibility to do work experience at departments which caught my eye. This meant I could cross off the list of future careers or be drawn into careers that I had no interest in being in previously.

During my time at Paragon Skills, I was kindly introduced to all the colleagues in that day as well as the location of all the rooms (not that I can remember all the names or places!!!). Every day, I was pointed in the right direction and given a brief introduction by David.

Early on I could clearly see the value Paragon Skills places on the wellbeing of their colleagues by the numerous plans in place and plans for the future. A common misconception that I made, and a lot of young people believe, is that large companies such as Paragon Skills are going to be purely money driven and heartless. However, during my time at Paragon Skills, I have witnessed the immense magnitude of care Paragon Skills shows towards the numerous colleagues making Paragon Skills what it is, through the plans in place as well as plans for the future to support the well-being of the team. While, from a practical viewpoint there are bound to be a few companies as the ones painted in our head; I may be overly optimistic, but I feel there would be at least some companies who share the level of concern that Paragon Skills has to their colleagues. This has left me with elevated expectations to my future workplace.

The atmosphere at Paragon Skills is also very relaxed and the people are easy to talk to making me feel happy to be here. Although this could make Paragon Skills seem unproductive, the colleagues are very dedicated to their jobs and frequently go beyond what is expected of them, due to the understanding on how other colleagues would be affected if they neglected their responsibility. The flexibility given to given colleagues is great as it means they can sometimes work remotely, and I could leave at an earlier time to catch my bus. In addition, I could decide when to have lunch, the food prepared by Fran was delicious. The leniency to the clothes I could wear to work was great because it has meant I could work in comfortable clothing.

I passionately believe my communication skills have improved over the two-week slot at Paragon Skills. Some tasks may feel repetitive, but it is a good insight into what work would be like it those departments such as admin, but the people were all nice people making me forget about the repetitive nature of the tasks.”

If you or someone you know is looking for work experience, you can find out more here.

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