Paragon Skills join forces with Youth Employment UK to combat youth unemployment

Paragon Skills are pleased to announce that we have joined Youth Employment UK to tackle youth employment and unemployment. Through this new partnership, we hope to aid young people in increasing their skillsets and career prospects with the help of the range of apprenticeships Paragon Skills offer to learners and employers across the country.

Youth Employment UK (YEUK) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2012 to take on the issues of youth employment and unemployment; striving to understand the intricate landscape facing young people, employers, and policymakers.

YEUK are giving young people the skills, tools, and support to fulfil their potential; providing a skills & careers hub to 14-24-year-olds, offering free resources, advice, and guidance to young people struggling with employment or looking to improve their career prospects. The hub is designed with the input of young people, providing practical tools to support young people through education, transition into employment, and beyond. YEUK equips its young people with skills development, opportunities, peer-to-peer contact, career inspiration, youth-friendly employers, and information on topics such as finances, mental health, and signposting to expert organisations.

As well as providing support to young people entering employment, YEUK also strives to help employers ensure that their organisation is stationed to maximize the potential of young people it engages with as consumers, stakeholders, and employees. Their expertise in youth employment provides employers with the support they need to create fantastic opportunities for all young people.

Youth unemployment in the UK has been a growing problem for employers, educators and young people; with youth unemployment reaching nearly one million in the UK. A generation wasted to unemployment means a deficient talent pool for the needs of our businesses; with many young people struggling with employment due to a lack of appropriate qualifications and skills, a lack of career information, and businesses’ misconceptions of the younger generation.

Youth Employment UK is working towards decreasing the number of unemployed youth by offering career support to young people and employers, and increasing the skillsets of our young people. Therefore, Paragon Skills are delighted to join YEUK in their fight against youth unemployment with a range of apprenticeships on offer to young people and their employers to upskill staff and increase the career prospects of our younger generation.

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