Paragon Skills launch ‘Making a BIG difference to LITTLE lives’

Paragon Skills is proud to announce our pledge to develop 10,000 ambitious young adults (16-25) through apprenticeships in the Early Years sector by 2030. In support of current government campaigns aimed at encouraging more people to consider a career in childcare, we are proud to position apprenticeships as part of the solution in achieving this. As passionate advocates for early childhood education, we are committed to cultivating talent and facilitating growth. We are dedicated to assisting early years settings in training their staff across all levels; whether seeking to cultivate internal talent or bolster a leadership team, providing a transparent progression pathway is vital for enhancing skills and retaining valuable staff. We firmly believe that apprenticeships play a pivotal role in fulfilling the future needs of our childcare providers. Crafted to bridge the gap between employment and education, apprenticeship programmes enable individuals to pursue studies while actively contributing to their roles.


We pledge to develop 10,000 ambitious young adults (16–25) through apprenticeships within the Early Years sector by 2030


The ‘Do Something Big’ government campaign

The Department of Education has recently initiated a nationwide recruitment drive, coupled with a trial offering a £1000 cash sign-on bonus, aimed at alleviating staff shortages in nurseries and early years providers while enhancing childcare accessibility for parents. With a staggering 100,000 children already enrolled in free childcare, the campaign seeks to bolster the government’s efforts in expanding childcare entitlements, potentially saving parents up to £6,500 per year.


The ‘Do Something Big’ campaign encourages individuals to explore careers working with young children, highlighting opportunities for career advancement, flexible scheduling, and the chance to make a positive impact on young lives. The £1000 sign-on bonus trial, spanning 20 local authorities, aims to incentivise both newcomers and returning professionals to the sector, addressing unemployment while simultaneously expanding childcare services.


We’re committed to helping early years settings train their staff at all levels

In light of recent government updates, Paragon Skills is committed to showcasing the profound impact of childcare apprenticeships and the crucial role employers play in shaping the landscape of early years education. As a trusted ally in the childcare sector, we recognise the significance of delivering high-quality care and education to young children during their formative years.


Paragon Skills pledges to enrol 2000 new apprentices by the end of 2024


Whether your childcare setting aims to strengthen its leadership or nurture budding talent internally, providing a clear pathway for advancement is essential for both honing skills and retaining valuable personnel. With appropriate training and support, apprentices have the potential to make a meaningful difference in children’s lives, paving the way for a bright and prosperous future.


 Fully funded training for 16-24 year olds

Exciting changes have recently been announced by the government, poised to transform the apprenticeship landscape across the UK. Effective from 1st April, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) employers who are not levy payers will no longer bear the burden of covering apprenticeship training costs for 16-24 year olds. Instead, the government will fully fund the training expenses for these individuals, marking the onset of a new era of support for aspiring apprentices.

But that’s not all! Commencing 6th April, levy-paying employers, including those at Paragon Skills, will enjoy enhanced flexibility. They can now allocate up to 50% of their funds to support apprenticeships in other businesses, effectively doubling the previous limit of 25%. This expanded capacity for fund transfer is backed by a substantial £60 million investment slated for the upcoming year, ensuring sustained growth and momentum in the apprenticeship sector.

These policy revisions present significant opportunities. By eliminating financial obstacles for SMEs and enhancing the flexibility of levy funds, the government is catalysing a wave of potential for apprenticeship expansion and innovation. At Paragon Skills, we wholeheartedly endorse these initiatives, acknowledging the pivotal role apprenticeships play in nurturing talent, propelling economic development, and shaping the future workforce.

As advocates of positive change, we are committed to supporting SMEs and empowering them to leverage the transformative potential of apprenticeships. Whether you’re contemplating hiring an apprentice or seeking guidance on navigating these new developments, we’re here to assist.

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Join the movement. By joining our campaign, you’re not just hiring apprentices; you’re investing in the future of childcare. Together, we can create opportunities for growth, empower individuals, and build stronger communities.

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