Welcome to our career pathways page providing an overview of different progression pathways and career routes

On this page you’ll find information on various progression pathways open to you in each of our core sectors.

For further information on job descriptions and salary information you can check out various online resources that provide up-to-date data, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, or PayScale.

Progression pathways within your sector


If you start out as a Care Assistant or Support Worker, you could end up almost anywhere! Some opportunities for career progression might use skills you’ve learnt directly as a care worker. Others might look at your transferable skills, such as being well-organised, a people-person and adaptable.

There are many possible routes to progress within care, and doing apprenticeships is a great way to move up the career ladder. You can click on the link below to see what routes are available within the care sector for you to progress and develop your career through an apprenticeship in care.

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Education and Childcare

The possibilities are endless in the childcare field, whether you want to start out as a childcare practitioner or a teaching assistant. Opportunities for job advancement can be directly tied to the expertise you’ve developed in childcare and education. You’ll learn transferrable skills, such as patience, understanding, and a talent for encouraging growth in young minds.

The field of education and childcare offers a variety of career paths, and taking apprenticeships are a great way to advance your career. You can find more information on the various opportunities by clicking the link below.

View the Childcare and Education progression routes

Professional Services

Start as a junior accountant, or possibly at the front desk providing customer service, or even as the dependable admin assistant. There is a vast world of professional services waiting for you to discover. Some professions may be ideal for you since they make use of your already-developed numerical or interpersonal skills. Keep in mind your other strengths, such as your keen eye for detail and excellent organisational skills.

In the realm of professional services, there are many opportunities for advancement. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to advance professionally while learning. To learn more about what’s available, click the link below.

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