Shaping young minds: Embark on a childcare career with Paragon Skills

Every successful organisation prioritises training and development. In the childcare sector, where demands are high and dynamics are ever-changing, fostering a culture of continuous learning is paramount. Establishing a clear progression pathway can be transformative, enhancing the skills of both leadership teams and new hires alike. This not only boosts staff proficiency but also significantly contributes to talent retention. 

The power of childcare apprenticeships 

At Paragon Skills, we believe in the transformative power of apprenticeships. They are more than just training programmes; they are dynamic tools with the capacity to reshape the UK job market and enhance industrial profitability. Apprenticeships are instrumental in bridging the existing skills gap and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our commitment lies in offering a diverse range of childcare apprenticeships designed to elevate and enhance your workforce. We invite you to explore our apprenticeship programmes tailored specifically for the childcare sector. These programmes no only provide opportunities for skill development but also empower you to shape the future of your childcare facility by nurturing talent from within. 


Level up: Childcare apprenticeship pathways 

Level 2: Early Years Practitioner 

Embark on your childcare journey with our Level 2 Early Years Practitioner apprenticeship. This foundation programme equips you with essential skills, perfect for those just starting their career in childcare. 

Level 3: Early Years Educator and Teaching Assistant  

Ready to deepen your understanding of childcare? Choose from our Level 3 apprenticeships in Early Years Educator and Teaching Assistant. Explore child development and teaching strategies to enhance your expertise. 

Level 4: Children, Young People, and Families Practitioner (Residential) 

Step into a specialised role with our Level 4 Children, Young People, and Families Practitioner apprenticeship. Gain advanced knowledge to support children, adolescents, and families in residential settings. 

Level 5: Children, Young People, and Families Manager (Residential) and Early Years Lead Practitioner 

Elevate your career with our Level 5 apprenticeships. Develop leadership skills and effective management techniques through the Children, Young People, and Families Manager and Early Years Lead Practitioner programmes. 


At Paragon Skills, we’re dedicated to empowering your childcare teams through apprenticeships. Get in touch with us today and let’s collaborate to shape the future of childcare together. 


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