Sustainable careers the win-win solution

sustainable careers a win win for small and large businesses alike

Sustainable careers the win-win solution

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Sustainable careers the win-win solution for your business, your employees and the government. It can be a struggle to balance your competitive organisation targets, a competitive economy and your employees quality of life. It is often thought that achieving all three may not be possible. We know differently! Though it may be unclear to you, this balance can be achieved through the creation of sustainable career pathways.

A sustainable career ultimately means the ability for your employees to maintain the following areas both throughout their career and into the future:

Employability: Employability is achieved through constant learning and a capacity to be mentally flexible.

Job performance: To perform well requires up-to-date knowledge and skills, creativity and psychological resources.

Work/life balance: To be able to purse non-work interests and accommodate personal needs (such as family time and personal development).

Health: Both physical and mental health is critical for several reasons:

  • Impaired mental health restricts an individual’s ability to deal with demanding and challenging issues in work and personal life
  • Poor health creates both employer and societal problems – reduces the capacity to maintain employability, and reduces the ability to enjoy what life has to offer.

Apprenticeships offer you a solution for sustainable careers

The apprenticeship programme we offer have been created with sustainable careers at their heart, offering a nationally recognised qualification (Employability – Check), our expert personal tutors offer the latest up-to-date knowledge and skills to meet the role requirements while pushing each learner to think outside the box around creativity and problem solving (Job performance – Check).

All apprentices are required to complete off-the-job-training as part of their programme. This is both aimed at helping them with continued personal development while simultaneously providing them with access to a range of industry-leading resource materials. (Work/life balance – Check). Ensuring the mental and physical health of our apprentices, and those around them, is an integral part of the amazing work carried out by our team on your behalf. A physically and mentally healthy team is and always will be our goal, and we will provide support to our apprentices and any of your team who need it (Health – Check).

what’s next after kick start

With the new Government incentive payment available right now, there has not been a better time for you to hire an apprentice, the incentives payment which is different from the apprenticeship levy fund. Can be spent how your team see fit to best supports your organisational costs.

You can only apply for this payment for new apprentices who started their contract of employment between August 2020 and March 2021 – this would be for new recruits or these currently going through the process yet to start.

Use the new employer incentive scheme to kick start your next recruitment drive and benefit from creating sustainable career pathways in your business starting today.

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