Our training, your way

Partnership Approach

We work in partnership to understand what is important to your organisation and how Apprenticeships can help to achieve your business goals. Our dedicated approach recognises each individual employers’ needs and enables us to deliver a unique Apprenticeship solution that drives the maximum benefits for your organisation.

We work hard to create a lifelong relationship to meet both the short and longer term ambitions and training requirements of your business because it is important to us that every learner succeeds which in turn, ensures that our employer partners benefit.  

Our approach to meeting the needs of your business

First and foremost we listen, recognising that you understand the needs of your people and your business better than we do. We want our partnership to be integral to your organisation's training plans, succession plans and plans for growth; this starts with a training needs analysis. 

Having listened and identified what your organisation needs from us - your training provider of choice, we propose solutions, aligned to your strategic aims both long and short-term in order to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Our consultative approach ensures that you - our employer partner is involved in the design and delivery of your tailored Apprenticeship programme at a level that suits you. The introduction of Apprenticeship Standards has enabled employers more than ever to integrate their own in-house training plans with that of Apprenticeships. As we are in the learning business, we strive for continuous improvement. We seek and act upon feedback from both our Apprentices and their mentors/line managers throughout the Apprenticeship journey.

Our own considerable curriculum design experience, our successful partnerships with the market leaders in learner management technologies and presence of influential bodies within the sector, enable us to offer unrivalled flexibility in meeting your Apprenticeship needs.

Key factors in delivering an effective Apprenticeship solution 

Training needs analysis - We will complete detailed training needs analysis to understand your organisation’s exact training requirements and current arrangements, in order to identify suitable programmes. This will also allow us, where necessary, to map existing training and development processes to our Apprenticeships.

Understanding the Levy  - We will work closely with your organisation to understand the levy pot, how it works and the actions that need to be undertaken by both parties. We can offer expert advice, systems and processes to ensure the levy is being utilised effectively and in compliance with regulatory body requirements, such as Ofsted.

Training and assessment methods - We will work closely with your Line Managers to understand the Apprentice’s job role, in order to establish training and assessment methods that are suitable for the business and each Apprentice (including the 20% off-the-job element).

Candidate identification and enrolment - We will apply robust and impartial information, advice and guidance in line with the Matrix Accreditation which we hold, to ensure we get the right employees on the right programmes, at the right time.  

Providing the right information - We provide monthly progress reviews for your Line Managers with tailored management information in key areas in order to promote continuous development and timely achievement.

Added Value

We understand that a successful programme needs to add value, not extra work. We therefore offer your organisation these additional services as part of an Employer Partnership at no extra cost:

Recruitment service - GetMyFirstJob amongst other recruitment services provide us with an efficient candidate matching service to ensure that we match the right candidates to your organisation.

Dual-branded marketing support - Our Marketing department works hard to understand and represent your brand in communicating both internal training opportunities to your own employees and external opportunities to attract new talent to your business effectively. 

Education consultation - Your business can benefit from consultation sessions with our Education, Quality and Curriculum specialists to ensure that you receive the best possible return on your Levy contribution and L & D budget.  

Call us today on 0800 783 2545 to arrange a consultation with one of our sector specialists and find out how Apprenticeships can benefit your business.

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