Our training, your way

A step-by-step guide to employing an Apprentice

Whether you’re new to employing Apprentices or are already familiar with the process, working with a top 10 Apprenticeship training provider like Paragon Skills can make all the difference.

Here are four simple steps outlining how we work with you to make sure your Apprenticeship training provider experience is a positive one.


1. Getting to know your business

Our approach is simple; we listen and we learn all we can about your business. Together we will explore the range of Apprenticeships suitable for your business; the type of Apprenticeship your business has to offer and the type of Apprentice you are looking for. 

We will also discuss; funding, formal aspects of the job such as working hours and pay, the duties you will need your Apprentice to be able to complete and your responsibilities in respect to their training. We are here to offer our considerable experience and support in deciding on the best ways you can support your Apprentice and how they can best meet your business needs.


2. Recruiting your Apprentice

Our bespoke employer service SKILLSVacancies® is designed to save you time and expense in recruiting an Apprentice.  We will produce a vacancy advert for you to approve, based on our discussions with you. We will then advertise your vacancy on the  government’s Recruit an Apprentice website, GetMyFirstJob website, our Paragon Skills website and on our social media feeds.

We will manage applications for your vacancy and liaise with you once we have selected the most suitable applicants for your role. All potential Apprentices need to complete a basic skills assessment, which we will conduct as part of this selection process. We will then send you their CVs for you to consider.


3. The Apprenticeship agreement

When you have chosen your successful candidate you will need to put together the Apprenticeship agreement (contract of employment) for your new Apprentice which needs to include details of their working week, wage and holiday entitlement.

Your newly recruited Apprentice’s start date needs to coincide with their Apprenticeship enrolment, so once you have made an offer of employment to the successful candidate, we will liaise with you to confirm their start date and arrange for our Personal Trainer to visit your premises on your Apprentice’s first day. We will also contact you to arrange a health and safety assessment at a time convenient to you.


4. Develop the Apprenticeship training plan

A designated Personal Tutor from Paragon Skills will be on-hand to support you and your Apprentice throughout the duration of their Apprenticeship. From the outset, they will provide information, advice and guidance to you both. They will make regular, agreed in advance, visits to your premises to deliver on-the-job and teaching, learning and assessment.

They will keep you informed of your Apprentice’s progress, their achievements and always ask for your feedback on how they are doing – how we are doing!

You will be involved in your Apprentice’s journey from enrolment through to completion. Your business; how you like and need things done, will be the foundation of their training and their qualification in your industry. At Paragon Skills we consider this a privilege to be part of and are excited to be able to help and support you both.

You can call us to discuss any of the steps outlined above or to ask any questions you may have about Apprenticeships on 0800 783 2545.

Ofsted Grade 2

I would recommend Paragon Skills; the tuition and support was very good and the course was very informative and complimented my current position.