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Stand out from the crowd

Apprenticeship vacancies are competitive, there are lots of vacancies available and so good candidates will have a lot to choose from. Here are our tips on how to advertise an Apprenticeship to your businesses best advantage when completing our Apprenticeship Vacancy Referral Form. 

Offer a competitive Apprenticeship wage

Although £3.50 is the minimum wage, we advise employers to offer more money where possible or affordable. Vacancies are advertised with a weekly wage, so as with any job, if candidates have a choice of multiple vacancies the wage on offer is likely to be an influential deciding factor.

This is especially important when offering advanced Apprenticeships as the candidates sought will often have already completed the intermediate qualification, or have experience in the sector and so offering a higher wage is likely to attract these types of candidate.

Give a detailed description of the job role

Potential Apprentices want to know what they will be doing on day to day basis. They are serious about a work based role where they will be learning as part of a team, so make it personal. The best role descriptions speak directly to the candidate for example ‘you will be doing…’ ‘your tasks will include…’  ‘you will enjoy…’ Where possible try to avoid dull lists and using in-house jargon they may not be familiar with. The more detail the better!

Tell them lots about you

This is a chance to really sell your business to potential Apprentices and engage with their vision of a business they want to work and learn in. Look to your existing marketing material, but then go further; give them the little details that make the difference: What do you do? Why do you do it? How do you do it? What’s your position in the market place? Are there any exciting plans for your future? Why is this a good opportunity for an Apprentice? Have you had any success stories with previous Apprentices? Do all you can to help them visualise working, and wanting to work, for you

Talk about the future

This is a terrific opportunity to set your Apprenticeship head and shoulders above the rest. Are there any incentives you could offer the Apprentice on completion of their training? Perhaps you could say that other training opportunities may be available, or that there would be a salary increase on successful completion of the Apprenticeship (this will naturally occur once the Apprenticeship goes past the 12month period). Is there the possibility of progression within the company, for example becoming a team leader?

Apprenticeships are investments in the future, so attracting Apprentices who can see a future for themselves working within your business, is the ideal way to begin any employer-Apprentice relationship. 

Ofsted Grade 2

Having recently left school to become a childcare assistant, it was essential that I achieved my Children & Young People's Workforce Certificate which I started with my first employer, gaining confidence and new skills. Unfortunately, halfway through my Apprenticeship I had to find new employment. However, with the help and support of Paragon Skills I was able to quickly find a new employer and continue with my course. I'm now working towards my Level 3 Childcare qualification.

Natalie Webb

The Learning Journey