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What can an Apprenticeship in the childcare sector offer you?

Childcare Apprenticeships offer opportunities to work in caring and positive environments helping the development of young toddlers and children. You will learn skills and techniques that will provide you with a lifelong vocation through the Apprenticeship qualification and work experience combined.

At Paragon Skills we offer intermediate and advanced level childcare Apprenticeships that will develop your skills and experience and provide great scope for career progression. These include:

Early Years Educator Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship

Teaching Assistant Level 3 Apprenticeship

Children, Young People & Families Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships in this sector

  • Early Years Educator Level 3 Apprenticeship
  • Teaching Assistant Level 3 Apprenticeship
  • Children, Young People & Families Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship
  • Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship

    Develop the skills your business needs with the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard

  • Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship

    Are you a good communicator and love helping people? Develop the skills you need to become a Customer Service Assistant. Expand your practical knowledge alongside your customer service and 'people' skills, to excel in this energetic and fast-paced industry.

  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3 Apprenticeship

    The Customer Service Specialist Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard will provide you with an excellent platform to increase your skills, knowledge and experience in a customer-facing environment.

  • Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship
  • Operations/Departmental Management Higher Level 5 Apprenticeship

My apprenticeship has built positive working relationships in my setting, as I have built new relationships due to more experienced staff supporting me during the qualification.

Agata Kwiatkowska

Dolphin day care centre

Apprenticeships in childcare are just the beginning…

Apprenticeships teach you the skills that you will need for a long and successful career. Skills in childcare at all levels are always going to be in demand and so offer some very positive opportunities for career progression.

This could be anything from progressing to a higher-level Apprenticeship, to progressing into a manager or supervisor position and even opening your own nursery. You could even use it as an entry route to study midwifery or nursing.  Skills in this sector offer a great deal of flexibility in your chosen career.

If you would like to learn more about Apprenticeships in the childcare sector and discuss the options available to you, then contact Paragon Skills today on 0800 783 2545.