We’re celebrating Learning Disability Week 2024

Guest Blog written by Paragon Skills’ Learning Support Manager, Jenn Brant

Learning Disability Week 2024 is organised by Mencap and takes place from June 17th to 23rd. The week is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities. This year’s theme, “Do you see me?”, is a powerful call to action, urging society to recognise, understand, and value people with learning disabilities. It’s a week of understanding, inclusion, and action, reminding us that people with learning disabilities deserve to be seen, heard, and valued.

At Paragon Skill we see every learner every time. It is our pledge and, through our team of dedicated Additional Learning Support (ALS) Coaches, is what we deliver. We assess all of our learners in terms of their cognitive domains to ensure that we can teach the way learners learn but this also enables us to identify needs that may not have previously been explored. A bespoke support plan is created by the ALS team who also ensure that tutors have the knowledge and skills to make the reasonable adjustments needed.

Individual interventions can be requested from the team such as, pre-teaching reading material, mentoring, time management,  sequencing, mindfulness to relieve anxiety to name but a few. All of which designed to support the whole learner to progress and generate confidence and resilience.

Find out more about Learning Disabilities Week here: https://www.mencap.org.uk/learningdisabilityweek

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