Will your business be leading the way?

Will your business be leading the way?

Apprenticeship starts were more likely to be at either advanced or higher level in 2017/18. With 166,200 (44%) of apprenticeships started in 2017/18 being at an advanced level, also 48,400 (13%) of the year’s starts were at a higher level. It shows the change employers are making towards the Training of their leadership and management team members.

Training your team to lead the way

A great management team are key to the effective operation of your business. They must possess the ability to lead those working for them by example, communicating with and inspiring them towards engaging in the corporate vision and achieving your business goals.

To be an effective manager they need to possess a specific set of skills, range of knowledge and demonstrate appropriate behaviours that are not necessarily present in managers that progress into leadership roles. Of course, some managers have a natural aptitude for leadership to some degree, but often managers that are selected because of their strong characters, or dedication to work, or those who progress into roles often possess only part of the toolkit required to drive the best results for a business.

The ability to communicate well, inspire others and lead is often lacking, which is why management and leadership training is an important aspect of any organisation’s training plan. Investment in management training contributes massively towards the development of high-quality, motivated, leaders that are capable of achieving greatness on behalf of the organisation.

Leadership and management apprenticeships could be perfect for these team members, with benefits such as work-based learning, completed over a 12 month period, staff retention often sits at around 13 -21 month post Apprenticeship for around 60% of Apprentices.

Will your business be leading the way on transfers?

Like you many employers will be utilising their levy fund, but might still end up finding they have a percentage left unspent, however, these funds don’t have to go unused. The government introduced the levy transfer so Levy-paying employers can transfer up to 10% of their annual funds. This will increase to 25% in April 2019.

If you have small businesses within your supply chain that would like to take advantage of having an Apprentice but are not in a financial position to afford the training costs, you can now set aside up to 25% of your unspent Levy fund to transfer to them. Transferred funds will be used to pay for the training and assessment cost of the Apprenticeships agreed with the receiving employer.

Your business can lead the way for small and medium employers to start benefiting from a range of Apprenticeships – including Leadership and management Apprenticeships. A good training provider can advise you about how best to achieve the best outcome. It’s an all-around win as your business will, in the long run, be receiving a higher level of skilled services.




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