Your time to get into Care!

This could be the perfect time for you to get into care with the BBC reporting there are 1 in 10 vacant roles in the sector! This amasses to around 165,000 vacancies across the UK. As people who work in social care know, the industry is often unfairly portrayed in the press. Negative stories tend to dominate the headlines, so it’s no wonder that many people have a distorted opinion of the sector and what a career in care entails. That’s why we want to redress the balance by telling you about some of the positive things a career in care has to offer, and with the vast range of Apprenticeships provided by Paragon Skills (full list found here) we have your training needs covered. This can be from a career change entry-level qualification up to leadership roles.

Why work in Care?

It’s one of the most rewarding jobs. You are making a real difference to someone’s life every day! Although days may have challenges the smile on the face of those you’re supporting makes it all worth it.

The skillset you gain is second to none! Not only do you gain practical skills such as taking blood pressure, but you learn skills that will help you in your day-to-day life such as working in a team, problem solving and speaking with people from all walks of life! The care sector is a highly regulated industry, so you will be gaining nationally recognised qualifications such as an apprenticeship in care, building your CV and your career path.

There are also many different types of roles in care and places of work. You can work in care homes, nursing homes, home visits and even specialist homes such as care homes with dementia care. Another key benefit of working in the care sector is that you will be able to work flexible hours, people don’t just need care from 9 to 5, so you can make sure that your hours fit into your lifestyle and other commitments.

Working in care is a job where no two days are ever the same, you’ll be learning something new and building your confidence each day. Learning to deal with situations as they happen mean that care workers are adaptable and resourceful, and what you learn in your care job will give you useful transferable skills that will benefit you in other walks of life.

Care Home

Care work is incredibly sociable, so if you love to chat and socialise, this is a role where you can do this all day! Care work is very people-focused and not only are you responsible for the physical care, you will also be heavily involved in getting to know the service users and supporting their emotional and social requirements. One of the best things about working in the care industry is that many of your skills and personal values will be celebrated. Often, these are the same skills – such as kindness, patience, personal warmth, sensitivity, and friendliness

Don’t let a lack of training put you off this fantastic career as we have you covered. There are also key opportunities within care for career progression.

If you’re considering a new career, working in care may prove to be a satisfying job with good long-term prospects.

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